Chole – Portrait & Branding Session – Los Angeles, California.

this little ‘field’ was just off the side of the road in my hometown – I had passed by it that day and texted Chole – giving her my idea of what I wanted – she styled this outfit with ease.

Petal Project – Empowerment Group Session – Swansea, United Kingdom.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to plan and gather some beautiful individuals to stand in the name of body positivity. It’s such a big deal to me. The idea of loving your body. And believe me I know. A little photo shoot will not fix the years of body shaming, experiences withContinue reading “Petal Project – Empowerment Group Session – Swansea, United Kingdom.”

West Coast – Travel & Landscape Photography – California, United States.

a beach i visited much as a child with my family – this time it was just my brother and i – in a tent with some vegan campfire food tarot cards and a film camera. And some 35mm