S W A N S E A • P H O T O G R A P H E R

hi – thanks so much for stopping by – i’m Madison.


I am 23 and currently subjecting myself to higher education (M.A. in Criminology & Criminal Justice.) My roots are in California but my heart and current home is here in Wales, U.K.

I am an aspiring photographer who grabs her camera at any sign of light, color, culture and beauty. I have an amazingly smart and very photo-worth boyfriend, who I love to travel with (Check our the ‘travel’ tab under my blog).

I’m a vegan. I do yoga. I love the beach. If i’m not taking photos i’m either writing papers, cooking with my boyfriend, drinking red wine somewhere in the world or questioning authority in some form. Please enjoy taking a look around my site/blog and please reach out to me if I can help you capture moments.

currently based in Swansea, U.K. – but I move about often.

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