Petal Project – Empowerment Group Session – Swansea, United Kingdom.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to plan and gather some beautiful individuals to stand in the name of body positivity. It’s such a big deal to me. The idea of loving your body. And believe me I know. A little photo shoot will not fix the years of body shaming, experiences with eating disorders and the complex relationship a majority of us have with food and its impact on our body. But what it did fix, for that hour or so, was how we felt. I felt empowered. I felt not alone in wanting to love my body. And mo so, I felt supported and encouraged. The amount of love not only those who partook but those who shared, commented or sent me good wishes was absolutely amazing. The feedback I received from the ladies was so much motivation to do this again and I can’t wait to. I’ve been sitting on this blog waiting for the free time to collect my thoughts and post these photos. So enjoy and please feel free to comment what helps you feel more comfortable in your body?

Published by Madison Brooke Photography

Bristol Based Empowerment Photographer. 24. Pisces. California Born. Specializing in Bristol Maternity Photography, Bristol Couples Photography, Bristol Engagement Photography, Bristol Wedding Photography - Bristol Maternity Photographer, Bristol Couples Photographer, Bristol Engagement Photographer, Bristol Wedding Photographer.

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